Thoughts Of An Aspie

Story time – My diagnosis

Pre-diagnosis Ever since I could remember I've always wondered why I was so different to everyone else. I remember asking myself, was there some kind of special class or training in social rules and relationship skills that I missed out... Continue Reading →


My Creativity vs. My Depression

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm super creative, I've always been super creative, whether it's in art, design, music or craft. It was only until about 3 years ago when I started drawing portraits of people on a regular... Continue Reading →

Just about sick of the Aspie community

This has been on my mind for quite some time, months to be exact and today I just felt the need to communicate why I'm a bit ticked off in life, I might get roasted for this but I don't... Continue Reading →

Year 2016: Fail or naw?

It's that time of year when people start to moan about how much of a tragic fail the year has's that time of year when people hope and swear blind that next year will be 'their year'...It almost seems... Continue Reading →

Dealing With Negative Feelings

These are just some things that I include in my daily routine to help maintain my happiness. It's a bit of a process but it's totally worth it. Gratitude 🙌 I usually struggle with negative feelings around the early hours... Continue Reading →

Mature yet immature for my age

Growing up people have always told me that I'm quite clever and wise beyond my years but also in the same breath I've been told that I can be such a child... Can you imagine?.. It's a good thing I... Continue Reading →

10 tips on how to become bestfriends with an Aspie

These are just some simple steps on becoming any aspie's favourite person. 1. Be sure to sporadically make plans and never follow through. Almost every aspie if not every thrive upon the occasional let down, infact they enjoy spending large... Continue Reading →

Divergent – Why I don’t fit in…

 Almost every aspie, if not every, knows this horrible feeling of being an outsider in society… In an ideal aspie world I believe everyone would always include each other and make sure everyone actually feels like they’re part of the group. There... Continue Reading →

Skillset – Level headed

So I like to be very observant and analytical, I also value peace and humility. One of my skills that I’m grateful for is my ability to overlook an offence, it’s not fully mastered yet but it has helped me... Continue Reading →

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